Meg’s Monster

Meg’s Monster

Meg's Monster

The team at Odencat bring Meg’s Monster, a Junior Roleplaying Game that feels like equal parts Pokémon and Undertale.

Meg’s Monster, from Odencat, starts as you play an adult that is revisiting the site of an industrial accident. You’re there to investigate how the accident ties to the birth of a red star in the sky and to trigger memories of things that you have forgotten. After finding a transmitter with your mother’s voice on it you jump back to the accident in your memory as you fall to a junk pile and are found by two monsters. Roy, the monster that becomes your friend and protector later on, is a brute that loves to eat magical slime. His friend that meets you with him likes to eat human children. He tries to eat the younger version of yourself and makes you cry. Those tears, or something tied to them, causes a near catastrophic event that risks tearing apart the world. He plays it off as a joke and convinces Roy to help find your home while working on his own agenda.

Graphically the game looks like a much more polished version of Undertale, especially since some of the characters look almost identical to characters from that game. Combat and other controls are quite simple but some hit boxes for interacting with objects can be a bit finicky. The actual combat system itself though looks and feels like the classic Pokémon game. The parallels between Undertale and Meg’s Monster don’t end there either. Fans of Undertale will get a kick out of this but it is an entirely different game. I found that the game’s story became tedious early on and took too much time and effort to get through to return to gameplay but that overall gameplay was smooth. This game will be good in smaller doses but could easily become dull if playing a longer session.

Jake Combs


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