Pizza Possum review

Pizza Possum review

Pizza Possum

Cosy Computer, the devs behind Kingdom and Islanders, are back with a new game with Pizza Possum. Are you sneaky enough to steal the crown?

In Pizza Possum you play as a possum who really wants some pizza and the annoying dog at the top of the hill has one. The possum decides he would really like that crown wearing dog to share, not a little bit but the whole thing. You must use stealth, cunning and daring to try to get that pizza and each time you do you also take the crown. With each crown you take the game becomes more and more difficult. Do you have what it takes? So far, my count is 2 stolen crowns before getting caught. So what is it that keeps causing me to lose the crowns I’ve collected? It’s simply my own impatience.

The items range across all types like a bandit mask to make seeing you harder or a smoke bomb to allow you to escape. As you travel the map you will find various desserts that are absolutely massive. Each dessert gives you a ton of food, most are enough to earn you a key by clearing the plate. Each key unlocks a new part of the map and eventually get you the chance to get the pizza. My advice is to stock up on the smoke bombs or the dog masks to be used when going for the pizza, they make it so much easier.

Visually the game is absolutely adorable and the graphics are crisp. Controls are quite simple, using movement sticks almost exclusively on the Xbox. The Cosy Computer team may be more known for their Kingdom franchise but they absolutely nailed it with Pizza Possum. The chaos while taking every bite of food you can while also avoiding the dogs can be quite difficult to survive but if your patient you can wait them out and escape when the coast is clear. This game is truly addicting and beyond fun to play with enough challenge to make coming back worth it.

Jake Combs


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