PowerSlave Exhumed makes it’s way to consoles

PowerSlave Exhumed makes it’s way to consoles

Powerslave Exhumed

PowerSlave returns to current Gen consoles with PowerSlave Exhumed from Nightdive Studios.

PowerSlave Exhumed has made it’s way to the current generation of consoles from Nightdive Studios and combines all of the content from both the Playstation and Dreamcast versions of the original release. Players take on the role of a covert specialist sent to investigate a recently sealed Egyptian city. While being trained for any manner of event you are still somehow not prepared for what awaits you within the sealed city of Karnak.

Graphically it is on par with the original Doom game with similar mechanics. Controls are reminiscent or the classic title as well. Compared to the original version of the game though I can’t say how it compares as I never played either edition on the older consoles. Where Doom sucked you into the world with it’s dynamic sounds and music, PowerSlave failed to keep my attention in the same way.

The story felt a little forced, like it was included as necessity and not part of the actual experience. The game felt more like it was made just to check the boxes that Doom created in order to capitalize on that market. If you are looking for a game that looks and feels like it was intended to be a Doom clone without the ambiance or story then look no further.

Jake Combs

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