Kill Team: Shadowvaults


Kill Team returns to the Gallowdark to venture even deeper into it’s bowels with Kill Team: Shadowvaults!

The Gallowdark Space Hulk beckons once more and our intrepid adventurers have taken up the call. Intrepid? No, that’s not quite right, more like greedy AND intrepid. Kill Team: Shadowvaults takes us even deeper into the Gallowdark in the latest installment from Games Workshop. This is the second installment of Kill Team that is centered around the Space Hulk with at least one more on the way. I love the ideas of Space Hulks. These combinations of ships that have collided to form a monstrous arena to fight in. Classic Space Hulk features a squad of Space Marines as they search to rid the Hulks of the Genestealers that have made it home.

What makes the Gallowdark unique is that it is home to much more than just Tyranids. This round features the invading Astra Militarum Karskins against the Necron. The Karskins are new models to the range while the Necron for the most part are not. What helps in that regard is that they include an upgrade sprue that allows for different loadouts than you normally get with those robotic menaces. For the Astra Militarum these are perfect models to continue my slowly growing horde of Tanith kitbashes and they look fantastic as they are. The Necron feature the upgrade sprue allow to create the Apprentek, a Plasmacyte Reanimator, and a Plasmacyte Accelerator.

Overall this box is nearly perfect. Bold claim, I know but hear me out. I love the Ancient Egyptian aesthetic of the Necron but I feel like there have been a massive amount of new releases for them. With this centered around a Space Hulk we need more ‘Nids or some sort of unique Xenos to add more flavor to the galaxy. Who’s with me? In all seriousness though the box is top notch and I can’t wait until the next in the series. Did I mention the terrain? Can’t forget that! The terrain is another great feature that can build off of the first box. At $185 though this box is a bargain.

Kill Team: Pariah Nexus Review

Pariah Nexus

Games Workshop releases the first expansion for Kill Team in nearly two years- Pariah Nexus!

Kill Team has been a staple of the Warhammer 40,000 family for many years now and it wasn’t until a couple year ago that I gave it a try. The concept of Kill Team is quite simple, a small force for either faction tries to complete their objectives. Pariah Nexus is not quite the first step towards a newer style of Kill Team. Traditional games will play out like any other game of 40k or even Age of Sigmar where you play three dimensionally, where Pariah Nexus and Kill Team Arena before it were more two dimensional. 

One main item of note is that this truly is an expansion. It requires a rulebook for Kill Team itself for full gameplay. Other than the two dimensional rules this book includes six story missions and two scenarios for matched play. More importantly though is that it includes rules for nearly every (if not all) infantry types for both the Necron and Space Marine factions.

The biggest problem with this box is it’s natural imbalance. From the start (without modifying the lineups) the Space Marine forces make up nearly double the cost of the Necron force. However, the total number of models per side is comparable and the new sculpts look fantastic.

Gameplay for this style is reminiscent of the similar release for Necromunda a couple years ago where you had a face paced game that was a ton of fun but felt somewhat lacking without the third dimension. With a little imagination though this easily will feel similar to crawlers like SpaceHulk where you navigate corridors and all of your fighting requires your head on a swivel but there being no need to look high or low as everyone is one the same level. For value and replayability this box offers a lot especially for those that are already fans of the KT and 40K properties. My best recommendation though would be to homebrew a few extra scenarios and look to upcoming issues of White Dwarf for more.

Feel free to check out our live unboxing video on the official Table Talk channel:

Space Marine Adventures: Rise of the Orks

Space Marine Adventures

Space Marine Adventures is back for a second round of Xenos murder courtesy of Games Workshop and local bookstores like Barnes and Noble.

With the first volume of Space Marine Adventures players took turns facing down the Necron threat, however this time it’s time for the Orks to rise. Players take on the roles of five Terminator Space Marines and move about the map searching for supplies while protecting a shield generator. Each Terminator hails from a different but classic chapter of Space Marines and as such have their own weapon load outs. To make this easier each marine is printed in the dominant color of their chapter (green for Dark Angles or red for Blood Angles for example).

These Adventure boxes are intended to be an introduction into the world of Warhammer 40,000. The models for the Terminators are push to fit and easy to assemble, making that part of the hobby much less difficult to ease in to. Even in this game there is lots of dice rolling to be had so it feels like a Warhammer game in that respect while using common model types.

My only complaint about this game is the lack of models. The other titles that game pre-boxed like this had models for both sides but Rise of the Orks only offers tokens for the Orks. One of the best things is the value overall. For the price of this box you get five Terminators where a box of only those models would be more expensive by far. As a tower defense style game this is quite enjoyable and an excellent value for the models you get. I highly recommend hitting up the local book store and scoring yourself a copy!

Warhammer 40K: Mechanicus game review


Adeptus Mechanicus troops face off against Necrons in this latest issometric Warhammer 40,000 tactics game from Bulwark Studios!

Feeling old? I know I am! Join the Adeptus Mechanicus today to replace your aging parts with tested machines! In Warhammer 40K: Mechanicus players take control of a small band of adepts in search of new technologies to exploit in the name of the Omnissiah. Borrowing from the classic Tactics format of game play, Bulwark Studios brings us a smooth foray into the world of Warhammer 40K and specifically that of the Adeptus Mechanicus and Necron tomb worlds.

Game play feels like those classic and oh so good tactics games, taking advantage of the simple mechanics to build an engaging game full of 40k lore, characters and models. The fact that the weapons effects and overall graphics are stunning is not to be looked over either!

The timing of this release though seems interesting as only a few months after the initial release the Indomitus boxset with the new Warhammer 40k edition was released. The two main factions were Necrons and Imperium of Man- Space Marines. The Space Marines are not quite the Adeptus Mechanicus but they fight for the same team and fight together often. The fact that this was first release some time prior on pc/steam leads me to believe this is more of a coincidence than anything else.

WARHAMMER 40K HAS 9TH EDITION and it’s here!

Warhammer 40k


It feels like it was only months ago when Games Workshop released Eighth Edition but in fact has been close to three years! Based on the fact that this is only the sixth edition in about 20+ years I would consider three years plenty of time. I will say it now, some of the changes that have been leaked are very much needed for the betterment of Warhammer 40k. (Keep in mind when this article was written this was first announced.)


There are a ton of changes but the best part is that the recently released codices and expansion books (ie Psychic War) are still compatible! The best change in my opinion is the fact that even when in close combat tanks and other war machines can still fire! Realistically this makes sense because if I’m driving a tank and you are poking it with a stick or a sword I’m still going to fire my massive guns at the targets that are a bigger threat. In Eight Edition we saw a major decline in the use of armored units because a horse based army could swarm it and make its weapons useless so I expect to see armor coming back in a big way for tournaments and local games alike.

Another great addition is Conquest gameplay. It is essentially a way to play narrative games where your characters or units improve over time. This is similar to Necromunda and how your gangs improve as you continue. This will even help promote slow grow leagues as players will become more invested in the successes and failures of particular units and less on their win/lose ratios.


Regularly on my show #TableTalk I mention my local community through our sponsors at Games U in Gilbert, Arizona. With the owner’s permission I reached out to the public Facebook group to gather their thoughts.

Dylan Smith- “The timing seems a tad misplaced. Granted, they likely planned this out years in advance, but to me it overshadows anything else Warhammer 40k related until it drops. Plus, COVID messed everything up I feel rather significantly for the consumers.”

Jeff Caples (owner of Games U)- “

I personally am encouraged by what I see so far. Tanks firing in CC is great news, the changes as I understand them to flying vehicles seem on point and I am very interested to see how they address terrain as I felt it was mishandled in the last edition.

I am also very keen to see what they have put together for the very small combat patrol scale. My son is almost 10 and I am hoping it will be something he can really sink his teeth into without me having to sort of water it down for him.”

Patrick Cortez- “Wishlisting here

I’m hoping Command Points and Strategems are less of a crux or focal point of darn near every turn, every “major” activation.

Some armies have fantastical “cheap” monster strats and efficient CP generators.

I miss clean Warhammer 40k and not the MTG card hijinx feel. Of strat this or that.

I’m sure stratagems and CPs aren’t going anywhere.”

Matt Campbell- “I don’t see any updates to Character targeting and I think it needs to be addressed. Characters have to be the “closest model” and it should be more like “closest targetable model.” When I cannot shoot something 5″ away in the open, because something else is 3″ away on the other side of a wall and I cannot see it, that’s a broken rule. I don’t have models that ignore terrain or los rules so why does the closer out of los model protect that Character?”

Alexander Zhang- “I’m hoping the game scales better when it’s small like they suggested. I think I’d be able to jump in more if smaller scale games were a more regular thing.”

Edward Morlan- “

After the QnA I like what I am seeing. I have sent them feed back on every one of their questionnaires that the terrain rules need to updated and changed.

It seems like others have felt the same. From the sound of it we will have options before the game to announce the different terrain types. Honestly obscure is the only type they mentioned and the only one we need. Simply saying you can not shoot through a piece of terrain because that template is obscuring is soooo good. Suddenly the forest templates become usable again.

The Tank and Monster rules really help a few armies that we have not really seen in several editions, namely Tank commander guard like the armageddon steel legion, and Nidzilla. I for one am fine with that. Sure it makes getting into combat with tanks and Riptides risky but honestly it should be! There is a reason you put tankbusta bombs and power klaws in your units of boys! You will have to commit to charges versus those things and have some weapons that can help you finish them off.

Going back to 7th edition flyer rules is also great. I have frankly hated the battle filed force bubble that 8th had for them. The cap on -1 or +1 to any units saves means that while the eldar flyers are still good they will no longer be game breaking. Heck we might even see a drop in points now that the negative is capped.

Excited to see all the CP mechanics. I like everyone starting with the same size pool based on the game size. I hope the CP starting pool for 2000 points is large at loke 15cp. I also wonder if their will be ways to increase the cp pool with army choices not just take them away. Really looking forward to this and the terrain rules the most.

Never got a answer on how they will address the slower dice for horde armys in combat. Currently if you have 2 units in combat with 4 units all together in a big blob ( common with orks vs guard ) it can take 45 min trying to roll that one combat out. I puts a serious disadvantage on horde armies in tournament. If we are only ever able to get through 2 or 3 turns in 2 hours we will average way less points then a elite army that finishes all there games.

I hope the missions hit where they are supposed too. That between them and the new rules we no longer have to ask people if they want to play ITC, Book, or some other tournaments rules. If they pull it off it will be nice to just play out of the book with no other 3rd party rules mixed in.

Crusade sounds like the most fun. Nothing to say except I am looking forward to having the info in my hands and will likely be playing most of my games as crusade games.”

There were several other comments but to avoid making this overly long we’ve had to drop some of those from the list. Personally I am very excited about the announcement and love the teases models for both the Space Marines and Necrons.


I have seen some complaints about the new logo but it reminds me a lot of the one they had in second or third edition when I first started playing so I approve.

If you haven’t yet be sure to check out their cinematic trailer for the new release:

I still get chills watching that! oh and James Workshop did a video highlighting the big changes as well: