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Godlike Burger

Godlike Burger

If Sweeney Todd and Ghost Town Games worked together to make a new Overcooked game it would be Godlike Burger.

Have you ever been cooking all day and you get that one customer who just pisses you off? Have you ever wanted to show them how sharp your knife is? I can’t be the only one. With Godlike Burger you can live out those fantasies without the fear of incarceration. Of course if you kill enough customers the customers will catch on and try to kill you as well.

Visually the game has the same isometric view as Overcooked and from a control perspective has the same commands. For graphics though this game just doesn’t quite match that cutesy look and feel of Overcooked. It would be even more shocking if it did though. As you feed your customers you have limitations on your ingredients. Once you run out you will either need to purchase them or in the case of the meat you will need to kill someone and harvest them to feed to future customers. Overall the game is shockingly fun and worth the play if you like the Overcooked style of games.

Fueled Up

Fueled up

Fans of games like Overcooked can rejoice! A new “cooking” game is here and this time it is about repairing and fueling your spaceship in Fueled Up.

Fireline Games brings us Fueled Up, a game where you risk being stranded in space and must keep your ship both fueled and in one piece. The game looks and feels exactly like Overcooked, and that’s not a bad thing. The Overcooked franchise is one of my family’s all time favorite games to play together. It can get stressful at times trying to manage everything. This game is exactly like that, except in space and running a spaceship instead of a restaurant.

The controls are almost exactly the same and graphics are on par if not slightly improved in comparison to Overcooked. Solo play feels even more stress-inducing because you must manage the actions of two players alone. Playing the game with one or three other people is ideal for managing the stress and tasks. Overall the game is a crap ton of fun but high stress so best playing in smaller doses.

Overcooked 2 Season Pass


Nothing brings out the frustration and rage like a game of Overcooked 2 and the newer stages that come with the Season Pass are no exception!

The kinds folks over at Team17 shared the season pass to their game Overcooked 2 with us and honestly this article took way to long to be written and for that we do apologize. Nearly a year ago we reached out to the developers and requested the opportunity to review the downloadable content for an already great game and they agreed. Now fast forward through the year and I soon realized my play style was not going to cut it for this coverage. When playing this game, whether the core title or any add one, I always did so with my wife. Between yelling at ourselves for missing a goal or one of us pleading with the other for one more level, it has always been the two of us playing.

Out of a sense of obligation to Team17 I have decided to continue only far enough to share thoughts on each dlc without my wife as we have found it difficult to find time to play the game together.

Too Many Cooks

This DLC pack is a chef only pack which adds a Cat, a Pink alien, a Unicorn, a Walrus and a Monkey. The Unicorn is the family’s favorite.

Surf n Turf

The focus of the meals in this pack is one food you’d eat on the beach or during summer. This includes smoothies, burgers and kabobs. We had a ton of fun with this one, one of the easier worlds by far, and even got to 3 stars with my children. It was quite amusing to use squirt guns to clean the dishes.

Night of the Hangry Horde

Conceptually this was my favorite of the worlds as it brought zombies into the game. Now with this game the zombies are made of food, just like the king and instead of eating your brains you cook them a meal and send them on their way.

Overcooked 2

Campfire Cook Off

Following the Trail Mix trail the chefs focus on making meals that are centered around camping- hotdogs, smores, pancakes and oddly pizza is even on the list. Where in most other modes of the game ingredients are stored in cases, this time they are stored in backpacks.

Overcooked 2

Carnival of Chaos

As one would expect the them of this DLC was around the carnival. You will see things like donuts, hotdogs, pizza and even combo meals. It even features magic portals and canons to launch you from one part of the kitchen to another. As the name implies it can get quite hectic at times but that’s nothing outside the normal from the Overcooked franchise.

Final thoughts on Overcooked 2:

Each add-on brings a unique set of recipes and challenges. Some are downright maddening but in summary this game in all of it’s forms has been a hell of a lot of fun and worth grabbing a copy, just don’t expect to get the 3 stars on your first few tries.