Fueled Up

Fueled Up

Fueled up

Fans of games like Overcooked can rejoice! A new “cooking” game is here and this time it is about repairing and fueling your spaceship in Fueled Up.

Fireline Games brings us Fueled Up, a game where you risk being stranded in space and must keep your ship both fueled and in one piece. The game looks and feels exactly like Overcooked, and that’s not a bad thing. The Overcooked franchise is one of my family’s all time favorite games to play together. It can get stressful at times trying to manage everything. This game is exactly like that, except in space and running a spaceship instead of a restaurant.

The controls are almost exactly the same and graphics are on par if not slightly improved in comparison to Overcooked. Solo play feels even more stress-inducing because you must manage the actions of two players alone. Playing the game with one or three other people is ideal for managing the stress and tasks. Overall the game is a crap ton of fun but high stress so best playing in smaller doses.

Jake Combs

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