Monster Harvest – a game about growing monsters from plants

Monster Harvest

Have you ever applied jelly to your crops to create pet monsters? In Monster Harvest, from Merge Games, you will do just that.

Joining your uncle at his farm you quickly discover this is not your everyday farm in Monster Harvest from Merge Games. The game focuses on building the farm, exploring a dungeon-like cave and growing monsters by applying various jellies to your crops. Once you have your first monster, or any time you have one of yours following you, you can enter the nearby cave to fight other monsters, collect items and understand just a bit more about what is happening in this town.

I feel this is intentional but the game looks and feels like a knock off of the handheld Pokémon games, closer to the GameBoy Color version graphicly. The big difference between the playstyles however is that you can farm, clear a forest, have limited stamina and breed your plants with jelly to create new creatures, instead of just catching them or trading for them. Playing this game feels likes going to visit a friend you haven’t seen in ten years, there are similarities of what you remember but so much has changed you aren’t sure who this person sitting across from you is. Overall the game misses out on the wow factor and feels too much like other games to have a voice of it’s own.



Ole Jack is here to help you navigate the sports card collecting market. This week he focuses on Pokemon and Top Loaders!

HELLO JACK-O-LANTERNS! Ole Jack is here to help you navigate the collectible memorabilia trading card market, more so this week than our typical sports card collecting. If you are the last one to hear about this, it’s okay and there is no judgement coming from ole Jack on this… Pokemon cards, if you got em find someone who knows about them. first edition sets are clearing hundreds of thousands of dollars. I repeat if you got old Pokemon cards do not sell these at your annual garage sale and if you already have, it’s okay and let me tell you why.


Currently there is a “new” to newish set called Hidden Fates. roughly can sell the retail “tins” and elite trainer boxes for 100% profit. They pull is a raw “Shiny” Charizard that is fetching $400-$500 online if you happen to hit one in these you can keep it for bragging rights and water cooler talk how you should send it out for grading it but….

Folks paying double retail from the retail…


Okay so if you are now in the hobby and you are throwing dollar upon dollar out there and you now are hunting for retail boxes so you can “rip”. You look around at your dinner table as they cards can no longer be looked at on your bed. You don’t have protection… Do yourself a favor and take my advice on this. Just spend the few bucks to make sure your $10 if not $5 or higher cards are penny sleaved and top loaded or at least the lanyard cover looking ones from 1998.

Let’s like at the pros…

  • Protects your investment
  • Easier to store. (Don’t be an animal and stack em cardboard boxes)
  • If you sell them in the future, It will be much easier as a person not seeing your collection will have a clearer idea of what is in it.

Cons? It cost ya few extra bucks…


The Retail Rush of 2020! TRICK OR TREAT! IF YOU CAN FIND A BOX.

Does everyone remember when my president was black and my lambo’s blue and I be gd’d if my rims ain’t too??… maybe it was more simple time then it is now. Maybe it was better time, maybe it was more flossy and less substance. I miss those days, not because of Jeezy or anything political. It was when you can walk into a wal-mart or target and buy retail sports card boxes.

Here is your reality check! This isn’t going away. There are too many people out there that have the money for this but not the time, to hunt these retail stores down for product. Just as many folks that have the time to wait for them to be re-stocked. There are plenty of people out there that flip these boxes for 100-300% profit. Each one of these retail locations have independent vendors who stock a “leased” spot on one row of product normally in the check out lines area. So if you see a box like this at Wal-Mart… stick around.

Poor Bastard…

There is nothing that you can do as a buyer except try to drop the comp price. Good luck, lol. There will be natural half life on mostly all boxes. Basketball seems to be the exception. I am interested in watching what happens to the retail box resale price when the season kicks off and the draft finalizes. As always a little advice from your boy Jack, stock up and sit on these unopened boxes of 2020 Mosaic Basketball. Good luck on not opening the boxes!

thanks for checking out my post. If anyone is interested in more tips for hunting retail send me a message on the post and I will help if I can. Happy Social Distance Drive Thru Halloween!