Skirmish Mode Games brings the latest in console warfare with Warpips- a game where 8-bit and 3d rendering coexist.

Skirmish Mode Games brings the latest in console warfare with Warpips- a game where you must prioritize the financial cost of war against beating your enemy. The units you use to fight are rendered in chunky 8-bits where your base and some of the terrain have 3d rendering. It makes for an odd pairing that simply works with the game. Even the blood on the ground is rendered in a pixilated 8-bit style on the ground.

Players gradually earn money automatically which they then use to purchase troops. The troops follow some basic AI to always move forward and kill the targets they find. Some will even search for traps and remove them. Are you smart enough to survive the coming onslaught? I played the game campaign AND the additional Endless mode and must say I am terrible at this game. Of course I set the difficulty to the maximum but most games I start there. Seriously though, DO NOT start on the hardest difficulty for your first try. Try the easiest and build up from there, it will make a huge difference.

Graphically, as mentioned before, is an odd hybrid that works well for the game. There isn’t much of a story to speak of other than go and kill. Why are we killing each other? I don’t require much reason mind you but something is better than nothing. Even if it is just a single cutscene and then done. Of course I have not completed the campaign so it could be there and my bitching is for not. The game is unforgiving at almost all times and still a bit of fun.

Jake Combs

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