Party Hard 2 ~ a game where it pays to not party

Party Hard 2 ~ a game where it pays to not party

Party Hard 2

Have you ever had a loud neighbor you couldn’t shut up? With Party Hard 2 you can live your fantasies of a permanent solution.

TinyBuild have a history of exploiting a franchise for all that it’s worth so why should Party Hard 2 be a surprise? Having never played the original and hearing that it was mediocre at best I was surprised to hear there would be a sequel. I am never one to turn down a game offered for review though and as always my opinion is never swayed by the price I had to pay to play the game.

Presumably the original Party Hard leaves off with the killer going to therapy. As no surprise the Party Hard Killer finds himself getting upset at the noise coming from the nightclub nearby and upon hitting his breaking point dons his mask and knife once again and begins a new killing spree. The game visually isn’t much to look at as the bulk of the detail is rather pixelated and feels like it is meant to capitalize on the frequent waves of pixel-based nostalgia. The story feels like it just might be trying a bit too hard to justify why you are killing all of the party-goers from one location to another- we’re adults dammit, sometimes we just want to kill random people. Controls are easy to pick up and some of the items make for some rather interesting combinations.

The game is quite difficult to play and if you aren’t careful you will be arrested by the police and must start the game over. With a bit of patience however you can capitalize on people leaving the group so you can jump them in an alley. Gameplay is quite addicting and entertaining as you find new ways to kill the party-goers, drug dealer, bikers and more. I found myself wishing I had played the original game because this game was utterly fantastic and extremely addicting. I regularly find myself saying “one more try” or “I’ll stop when I beat this map” and each time I find that one more try becomes two and three tries.

Jake Combs


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