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Trenches game review


It’s World War One and you are a soldier stuck behind enemy lines in what appears to be an abandoned trench. Can you survive the experience in Trenches from Steelkrill Studio?

Steelkrill Studio shared their indie game Trenches with us and they exceeded our expectations. The game follows you wandering through a seemingly abandoned trench behind enemy lines during World War One. When I was first asked if I was interested in trying the game the single image I saw didn’t look too exciting but the description had me interested in giving it a shot. Graphically it meets the expectations of most indie titles but doesn’t have that crisp look of most next gen titles.

The controls are quite simple early on, basic mechanics feel very natural with walking, crouching or interacting with things. Just be warned there are some things that SHOULD NOT be interacted with. As you wander the trenches you stumble on some photos with message scrawled on the backs or letters regarding something happening to the troops.

The audio on this game is where it really excels. I highly recommend playing this in the dark with the sound turned up. With the audio and map virtually empty of other people, the game is simply unnerving. It feels like the original Silent Hill games but with out the guy with pyramid helmet chasing you or the bandage faced nurses.

Silver Chains from Headup games

Silver Chains

Headup Games brings us Silver Chains, a survival horror game in the first person perspective but is it creepy enough?

In Silver Chains you play as Peter, a traveler who’s car has broken down, as he explores a dilapidated mansion in hopes of leaving. Of course your first steps into the house to search for help ends being rendered unconscious. You awake in a bedroom with no memory of how you got there. Now, I am far from understanding what is happening in this house and even further from finishing the story at the time of writing but I have an early prediction. That Peter grew up in this house and had escaped but after he died elsewhere the house has called him home (this prediction was written only 10-20 minutes into the story).

This game absolutely requires playing with the sound loud enough to draw you in, it is a critical part of setting the tone. The building itself is wonderfully crafted in completes the atmospheric package. The different rooms you get into have a ton of detail between peeling paint, doll parts hanging from the ceiling and doors filled with cracked wood. The game is full of tense moments that are not helped by the monster chasing you. I feel like I spent more time hiding in wardrobes more than actually exploring and it seriously had me on edge. For anyone that enjoys a good horror title this will be a great addition to your library.