One More Dungeon 2 from Ratalaika Games

One More Dungeon

The team at Ratalaika Games have returned along with Stately Snail to release the sequel One More Dungeon 2.

Our friends of Ratalaika Games shared one of their latest titles, One More Dungeon 2, with us and we recently had the chance to sit down and give it a play. We had never heard of the franchise prior to the announcement of this sequel but based on images alone we were excited to dive right in. In both titles you play an unnamed adventurer. I don’t know much of the original storyline but in OMD2 you are held captive by a kingdom of snails, or are they snails and slugs? Either way, they are green and slimy looking, but in a cute way. To earn your freedom, you must run through the dungeons and remove the evil denizens there to keep them from raiding the snail-king’s domain. More than enough justification for me to explore these dangerous spaces.

As I mentioned, the slugs are pretty damn cute and the enemies themselves are rendered in a chunky art style that reminds me of the Super-Hero Squad line that Hasbro released over a decade ago. The stages are randomly generated with each expedition but are hampered by the controls. Most games with a poor controller setup have a chance to make up for this by having easier gameplay, an engaging story or stellar graphics. The controls for this game are obscenely sticky, making aiming with ranged weapons quite difficult. They were so bad that they turned what would have been a great game into one that is only okay. The difficulty (when set higher) was much higher than I expected and provided a great challenge that was made more frustrating by these same controller issues. Overall we enjoyed the game but, without the necessary controls making it nearly impossible at times, it fell short of its potential.

Gastro Force

Gastro Force

Gastro Force is a retro first person shooter from Ratalaika Games that focuses on eliminating aliens from the inside out.

The masters of rereleases and retro style gaming at Ratalaika Games are back with another port for consoles with Gastro Force. The game was originally released on PC in 2022 and again on consoles in September of 2023. The game focuses on the last soldier set to defend the galaxy again aliens from an eldritch nebula. Basically this means that you will be facing monsters full of tentacles and some that are very bug-like.

The game looks and feels like I’m playing my memories of the original Blake Stone from the PC. Both games you run around killing a ton of aliens but with one big difference- GF gives you a map. The map makes traversing the similar hallways much easier because it not only shows the layout but shows the areas you’ve walked. That means if you get turned around it’s easy to orientate yourself again. Graphics are on par with the 90s shooters I grew up with. Controls are smooth and take little effort to master. I had a lot of fun with this one, kept telling myself I’d put it down after just one more level and eventually realized hours had passed before closing the game.

Fashion Police Squad

Fashion Police Squad

Mopeful Games is a small indie studio responsible for a new FPS that is called FPS or Fashion Police Squad. Did these three designers pull off a win?

In Fashion Police Squad you play as Des, an officer with the local Fashion Police with a penchant for the dramatic and the fabulous. Your first case of the day sends you into an area besieged by men in drab business attire and you must correct these crimes against fashion. Your weapons consist of guns and belts that make your enemies more fabulous once defeated. This is the first title Mopeful Games has created that I am able to find and what a way to hit the scene.

This is Des himself. Our hero and purveyor of fashion related puns. He is damn hilarious. I legitimately laughed out loud, alone in my living room while I played. His puns were masterfully crafted and delivered. If you hate puns though you may want to avoid this game.

Gameplay is smooth and intuitive, whether switching weapons or making the perps fabulous. Visuals are in a retro style that exceeds the quality of the old school like Wolfenstein 3D or even Doom. If you are looking for something that will make you laugh while still giving a challenge then this is a great choice. I don’t remember the last time a game was THIS enjoyable!

The Entropy Centre

The Entropy Centre

The Entropy Centre is a temporal puzzle game designed like a first person shooter by Playstack London on Next Gen consoles.

The Entropy Centre looks and feels like a cross between Faraday Protocol and Superliminal. Both games take you one a puzzle filled adventure where you have been abducted and have no idea where you are. Playstack London deliver a world that is beautifully rendered, seemingly void of life and full of dangers. The danger however seems to be more implied than actually dangerous.

As you navigate the facility you first pick up a temporal gun of sorts that can rewind time up to 30 seconds for any given object. Of course even that isn’t exactly right. One of the first things that you rewind time on is the collapsed ceiling of a hallway you need to take. This ceiling collapsed way more than 30 seconds prior. Based on the rules of this gun rewinding a maximum of 30 seconds should have no effect on the rubble. Ignoring the flaws in this logic though the effects are very well done. I suspect the danger has far from begun though.

Visually the game is simply stunning. The controls are simple enough to master and the puzzles are creative. Some can seem maddening but with a little creativity they aren’t too bad. With the aid of a cheerful robot guiding you the game leaves you wanting to know more.

Way of the Hunter

Way of the Hunter

Way of the Hunter is the latest first person shooter game centered around hunting the creatures of the forest.

Way of the Hunter is a hunting game where there is a mysterious deer meat virus and its your job to kill all the creatures needed to fund your endeavors. THQ Nordic and Nine Rock Games brings us this FPS game where the ultimate goal seems to be furnishing a hunting lodge. You play as River as he takes over his Grandfather’s ranch and use hunting to fund all of your endeavors.

Your first task after gaining access to the lodge is to visit your friend Echo. Echo is no real friend but a point where your voice echoes easily. After that you take your first steps towards hunting. The first hunting task is at the shooting range. There you practice adjusting your scope, breathing properly and aiming. It is all quite easy to pick up but leads you to a task your grandfather meant to do himself. The hills are filled with badgers and they MUST die. Hunting them was quite tricky at first. The trick is to anticipate where they are about to be and shooting there just before they cross that path. With each kill task you are given unlocks other kill tasks focused on other animals and harder kills.

Overall the game has what I would call mixed graphics, where some aspects are highly details and others not so much. Specifically the scenery is where all the detail is and it is beautiful. I thought it was a cool touch to see real weapons and real gear featured in the game to assist you with your hunts. The story is slow and the hunts even slower but are much more realistic than I anticipated. Walking through tall grass quickly, not worrying about my noise, is bound to scare off the animals I’m hunting and I thought firing the gun or being seen would be the only way to do that. I applaud the designers for their attention to realistic detail there. For a hunting game I liked the realism but was hoping for something more forgiving like hunting in Red Dead Redemption.

Transient Extended Edition makes it’s way to Xbox One


Our friends at Iceberg Interactive shared their remastered Eldritch horror title Transient for the Xbox One.

Iceberg Interactive updated their classic title, Transient, for the current generation of consoles with the Extended Edition. The game begins in the distant future, the world was nearly ended and a scientific effort strives to carry the world through the fallout. You wake up in a facility with a weird skull mask on your head and start on your adventure. With the music and the overall ambiance the game is very much meant to be a horror title but as you explore the world this adventure honestly feels mores like the game was more of a game of exploration.

The game is extremely linear but is full of puzzles to keep things interesting. Best part of these puzzles is that they feel organic, none that I have experienced so far felt forced. Any game that brings in inspiration from HP Lovecraft is worth a try in my book but when you add in a gorgeous world and engaging story and you have a game that is worth playing until the end.

Cyberpunk 2077 – the game people love to hate

Cyberpunk 2077

CD Project Red has been on the receiving end of gamer’s frustration with Cyberpunk 2077 but is it actually warranted?

Back in 2012 CD Project Red announced their most ambitious project yet, Cyberpunk 2077. Eight years later it was finally released. Most projects are not made public so early in their process, or at least it seems that way in most cases. To say the least this game is massive with layers upon layers of storytelling and gameplay. That’s not even to mention the plethora of Easter eggs and branching dialogue trees and missions. The complexity to this game is is deeper than any I can recall every playing.

Before we get to my thoughts on the game, let’s discuss some of the complaints. Almost all of them resolve around the number of glitches found in the game, most of them random and inconsistent. Cars vanishing while driving, floors in buildings vanishing, models stretching and twisting in ways they shouldn’t. Thinks like that. What I have never seen though is a “polished” FPS (first person shooter) where there are never any glitches. I did experience some of these glitches and even had a couple force the game to close. Reloading the game and performing the exact same action resulted in the glitches not repeating themselves in nearly every case. At least that was my experience.

Gameplay was fast paced, controls were fluid and graphics (when working as intended) were amazing. The story was better than any other game I can remember playing. With the issues with the glitches I believe that most people had their expectations too high and expected the game designers to be more godlike than man/woman. I have never played a AAA title free of glitches and yet they are given the courtesy of lower expectations because they are a bigger studio that can publish games more frequently. This game is a higher quality product than any other FPS I have had the pleasure or displeasure to play and I will say this it is by far THE BEST GAME I HAVE EVER PLAYED! If I could take the team out for a round of drinks to thank them for the experience I would.

Metamorphosis innovates in a stagnate genre


Many games allow you to play as an insect and many more allow you to play in a first person perspective but only Metamorphosis allows you to play both!

Based on the writings of Franz Kafka, Metamorphosis begins with players waking up in a hotel room, vague memories of the night before. After leaving your friend behind you enter a strange hallway and start to notice things about yourself changing the further you get. Soon after you realize you have not only turned into a bug of some sort but see a letter offering you employment at a secretive location called The Tower. Deciding to accept the offer the page sucks you into a dizzying world where you use the written words as stones to bridge your path.

Along the way you encounter various dangers and puzzles to solve to bring you closer to The Tower. As a bug you find that traversing steep slopes is far easier and with the help of something sticky can easily walk along vertical walls. One of your first tasks is to return to your friend and wake him up to try to get him to see you as yourself and not just the bug you have been turned into.

Visually the game leaves a bit to be desired as an Xbox One title I would expect the visuals to be a bit cleaner. Gameplay is quite fluid as you traverse the many varying terrain in ways you never expected but can be quite glitchy. Multiple times over the course of an hour of play the game crashed and required rebooting the system before I could return to the game to only do it again. Glitches and visuals aside though, the team at All In Games made an enjoyable title that is well worth playing for the mechanics alone, not to mention an interesting story that will leave you wondering what’s at the tower? After nearly four hours of play (including two reboots) I feel like I am nowhere near the tower but wanting to get there and learn it’s secrets.